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The Healer Demands Payment!

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    The Healer Demands Payment!

    Ch.1 Part 1 - The Arrival of Chu Tianfeng

    Meta Description: Dive into the mystical world of Qingfeng Valley as the enigmatic Chu Tianfeng, Young Master of Fentian Palace, makes a dramatic entrance. Follow along as tensions rise and secrets unravel in this captivating tale of love, power, and destiny.

    The serene Qingfeng Mountain, veiled in perpetual mist, served as the backdrop for a momentous gathering. At the mountain's peak stood a grand hall, where disciples of Qingfeng Valley, clad in azure robes, congregated in anticipation.

    Among them stood Meng Qi, her presence unassuming yet imbued with an air of quiet determination. As she silently observed her surroundings, her thoughts were consumed by the secrets contained within a small bamboo slip clasped in her hand.


    Beside her, Lan Zhuxuan, a senior disciple, eagerly sought answers to the purpose behind their summons. Despite Meng Qi's reserved demeanor, Lan Zhuxuan couldn't help but marvel at her junior sister's diligence and rapid progress in medical cultivation.

    As murmurs of speculation rippled through the hall, a sudden commotion at the entrance drew everyone's attention. Stepping into the hall, a striking figure emerged—a young man clad in black robes, cradling an unconscious girl in his arms.

    Gasps of recognition echoed through the hall as whispers spread of his identity: Chu Tianfeng, the esteemed Young Master of Fentian Palace, renowned for his unparalleled cultivation talent and ethereal beauty.

    For the disciples of Qingfeng Valley, accustomed to a life of simplicity and modesty, Chu Tianfeng's presence was nothing short of awe-inspiring. His arrival, accompanied by the unconscious form of a fellow disciple, stirred a mixture of curiosity, admiration, and envy among the onlookers.

    As the sect leader hastened to attend to the injured disciple, her gaze lingered on Chu Tianfeng's countenance, noting the subtle black lines that hinted at a hidden ailment. Despite her astonishment, she maintained her composure, prepared to address the unforeseen turn of events.

    Meanwhile, Meng Qi, ever composed and perceptive, observed the unfolding scene with a calm demeanor. Her thoughts, however, churned with intrigue as she contemplated the implications of Chu Tianfeng's arrival and its potential repercussions.

    As tensions mounted and questions lingered unanswered, the stage was set for a fateful encounter that would alter the course of destiny for all involved.

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